A Triscribe Announcement

Exciting news!


Aramis: Is this thing on? I’m hungry.  

Melissa: Um I don’t know. I am also hungry

Aramis: Where’s Kyara? Is that her name?

Melissa: Now is not the time. We have to address the people

Aramis: You mean like the president does? Like FDR’s fireside chats? Am I FDR?

Melissa: I’m under oath I can’t say

*cue cool podcasting music*

Aramis: Boy oh boy.


Hello precious children!

We were checking up on your progress in becoming mindless drones in our plan for world domination, when we decided that we kinda like you guys a bit, you know as mindless drones. So we’ve decided to tell you all some good news. For a change. Because, well, the real news is very scary. And this set of imaginary news is much better. So without further ado or whatever the hell it’s called, we’d like to announce our newest potato wedge farm-

M: Aramis be honest with the swonky children.

A: Do I have to.

M: Yes. Now what he meant to say was we are going to be making a podcast to accompany this very blog. Yes. This very blog.

A: Wow that’s really exciting. It just makes me want to throw money at you? Doesn’t it?

M: Or even better, makes you want to throw money at us.

A: For burgers. And college. Especially burgers.

M: We’re joking we don’t need your money… yet.

A: ANYWAY- Tell me Melissa, what’s our podcast gonna be about? I was thinking we could talk about how we plan to run the world once we’re overlords.

M: Or we could discuss our stories and why we wrote them, and give each other feedback on our writing, and answer questions sent in from readers?

A: What if nobody asks quest-

M: Shhh have some faith. If not we’ll make our own questions.

A: And we can pretend people asked them.

M: Precisely. Now when the podcast’s first episode will be released is yet to be determined. We’ll send an update to your mental tracking devices-

A: And you’ll feel an urge to visit the restroom and visit us on your mobile device.

M: And then you’ll know! Like magic!

A: Magic! Perfect.

M: The podcast is going to be called, “The Triscribe Podcast,”

A: And hopefully it will include all three scribes… Triscribes? I have no idea. Who are we?

M:  What are we? Okay sorry, existential crisis.

A: We’re gonna upload to both iTunes and also here.

M: Eventually we’ll figure out Stitcher and other podcasting apps, but to start we’ll use iTunes. Sorry Android users. We love you too. We swear. You can download from the site until we figure it out.

A: Actually I’m hunting android users.

M: Aramis. I’m an Android user.

A: Me too. I’m like that one vampire hunter who’s also a vampire.

M: That sounds like a bad steamy YA novel.

A: NOOO it’s a comic book. And it’s not steamy I don’t think. Or bad. Can I make comics for here too?

M: Please do. No wait, now you’re teasing our swonky children with news of more good content to come.

A: Hmmm… Sorry swonky children. Aren’t we getting off track?

M: Yeah. We should wrap this up.

A: I’m hungry. I have pizza at home.

M: I don’t. But I think this is a good time to say goodbye.

A: Well. *Leaves to eat pizza*
*cue cool podcast music*

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