Feathered Hope on a Tightrope by Melissa Manuel

The world quivered with e’ery breath she took

It loomed above as she sulked beside it

All floated helplessly as if in a brook

She dared not disturb its eerie spirit


It was that the sun could no longer set

Neither day nor night would ever exist

She twisted in agony, lost in regret

Her turmoil refusing to be dismissed


Nothing could taunt her more than feathered hope

Longing for knowledge hidden in a sky

She felt the world tease her on her tightrope

Although they shared a harmonious sigh


Their chaotic tension sought to be broken

Yet each feared the fate of being heartbroken

Greeting Swonky Readers,

We took a random hiatus, a spring break if you will. Stories should go up as normal starting next Monday . But since it is National Poetry Month I thought it would be nice to put up this sonnet I wrote. I’m not good at poetry. That’s more of Kyara’s forte.

Memento mori,



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