TBT Poetry Pack #1 by Aramis Zepeda

Hi everyone!

I’ve taken advantage of the fact that my publishing day is Thursday (it is Thursday, right?) to share some writing that I made a month or two (or three) ago, but have yet to publish. In other words, this is sponsored by #throwbackthursday. Please forgive the use of a hashtag 🙂 Enjoy the poems and the story, and HAPPY NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!


Aramis Z.

Two Rooms by Aramis Zepeda

Bravely leap into the darkness,
And open your eyes,
Awaken from our dream,
To gaze toward the ceiling of your true room.
Having forgotten this ceiling,
But not the sweet visions,
The collages of a dreaming mind,
You long to return to the room you filled before,
When that room was but the veil of closed eyes,
The effect of exhaustion
Where there is no body exhaust.

Shed no tears,
Here there are no true tears to be shed,
Only thoughts that reminisce what never was-
Shed no tears,
And instead,
Pull your covers close,
Bury your mind into the embrace of empty darkness,
The cup of condensed light,
And dip yourself into our deep dream once more,
In hopes of returning to what you loved so dearly,
The result of the correlating of minds,
But not in the manner you will grow to imagine.

Chrysanthemum by Aramis Zepeda

Sweet girl, Chrysanthemum
Tells you not to come,
But shows you her poems,
Of faeries and fey.
You sit at her feet,
Sweet Chrysanthemum,
You give her your stories
And time that’s passed by.
Sweet girl, Chrysanthemum,
She laughs and she holds you,
And tells you to leave.
Sweet girl, Chrysanthemum,
You’ll beg for her hand
And she’ll say you’re untrue.

She’ll laugh and she’ll sigh
But you won’t see her cry,
Oh girl of the moon.
Don’t bring her flowers,
She doesn’t have room,
Girl of the river;
She’ll carry you down,
She won’t let you shiver,
But she’ll let you drown,
Sweet, sweet Chrystanthemum

The Son, The Sun, & Eirene Pt. I

Unearthly eye of grey,
Cast your unfeeling gaze
Upon these stone walls,
Turrets and towers.
Set this world to life
With your shadowy light,
Which brings false death
To all those who live.

The King has not spoken to his wife
Ever since the death of their son;
Warring men of golden rounds
Lose the meaning of right
When they have been wronged,
As it is easiest to burn
At the grasp of the flame.
The Queen reaches for the King,
But finds the emptiness of loss.
He looks to the floor,
Away from the gaze of Eirene,
Deaf to her pleas,
The pleas of his third companion.
The frigid fire has only begun to burn,
Hold and be pushed away.
Away from the King.

He moves across the stone walls,
Into the turrets and towers,
And downward,
To meet a demon
Encountered only in your name,
Or an ancient name,
Neither his.

Carve your vessel,
The intersecting pyramids,
And place your twelve beacons,
Flickering flames.
The book of summoning is opened,
Last hope for a mourning man,
Last hope for a man lost in the sun’s shadow.
The eye of grey falls away,
And the stone walls shift,
And answer to another light.
Beacons blur into pillars,
And your vessel has moved,
Or perhaps you have brought
Different walls down,
From above.
Here, there is darkness.

A powerful figure ponders
In its throne,
The obscurity of the mist,
And reveals his voice to the King,
Who is illumination to the world,
And who is the eye chasing the sun…


Hi again folks!

Bet you didn’t expect the last poem TO BE a story, huh? Well it is. Or at least part of it. I will write the next part in April 2018 🙂 Just kidding, I already wrote it, I’ll publish it in April 2018. Hope you liked my poetry. ALSO, they were already written so pardon my lack of e’ry thine thou thee fancieth language, please? Okay. Great.


Aramis Z.



4 thoughts on “TBT Poetry Pack #1 by Aramis Zepeda”

  1. All three poems are good, but CHRYSANTHEMUM (did I spell that right?) is the bomb. That ending? Grade A quality right there. I think that rhyming can be hard to pull off, but its repetition and rhyme really made that second stanza stand out.


    1. Dude. Thank you so much! I appreciate it very very mucho :’D I have to be honest though, I usually barely do rhyme or repetition, but it just flowed for that part. So it was a fair amount of luck.


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