About the Authors

Melissa Manuel is currently a senior in high school. She is incredibly socially awkward and prefers talking to her dog or listening to podcasts. Melissa is also working on her first short film (technically it’s her second but she disliked her first so much so she chooses to forget it). You can normally see her on Twitter talking about politics or Broadway shows @Brooklyn_Newsie.

Aramis Zepeda smells good. Well, he smells good most of the time, at the least. He enjoys eating cheeseburgers, especially those with bacon. Aramis also wants to go to college. Send Aramis money so he can go to college and buy more burgers.

Kyara Villegas is unemployed. She is broke. She is stumbling through life on little sleep and lots of food. If you want to know more, you can also follow her twitter @itskeythx. Or don’t, that’s cool too. She pretends to be a good writer sometimes and you can see her best attempts here.